Christophe Gausparro works in a variety of mediums with a focus on site-specific, architectural art installations that often integrate multi-media. Interjecting a heavy sense of narrative into his creations, his recent work explores the ideas of bio-mimicry and abstracting natural systems utilizing found or salvaged materials.

For over a decade, as a co-director of M5 Artist Collective NFP, Christophe orchestrated and exhibited in 25+ large-scale events, which fused the following mediums into highly-interactive theme-based exhibits: installation, performance, video, fashion, sound, etc. He has exhibited in 8 cities on 2 continents, receiving numerous commissioned invitations to create spatial art projects in expos including DesCours (New Orleans), Art Loop Open (Chicago), The Make Believe Project (Chicago), and Arco (Spain). Within his current design studio, he also stays active in the concept/design of interiors, window displays, public art, and commissioned work for various personal and corporate clients.

Since receiving an architecture degree from Georgia Tech, Christophe has gone on to work in a variety of creative fields including architecture, set design, graphic design, fashion design, furniture design, and fine art. Though born in Kentucky, his previous residences include Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Paris, and Madrid. Christophe currently lives and practices in Chicago.